Sample Before & After Surgical Photos of common conditions


Bunion preop


Immediate postop, with cosmetic incision on side of foot

Preop bunion

Postop bunion

Same patient postop xray with small screw fixation

Large bunion & neuroma removal pre/post surgery

Same patient pre/post xrays

Example of brachymetatarsia (short fourth toe)

Our patient half way through lengthening process

Final Results

Bunions preop

Right foot immediate postop

Patient with Osteoporosis and painful Bunion & Hammertoe with corn on 2nd toe

This photo is taken 6 weeks after surgery. She has been pain free and back to all regular activities.
Ganglion cyst removal: patient with a painful cystic bump on top of the foot shown in the red circle. Very painful in shoes.
One month postop. Two weeks after surgery he was pain free and able to wear work boots.
Painful Heel Spur with Achilles tendinosis/calcification

Patient stepped on a Sea Urchin Spine in Hawaii, seen on the far left pinky toe. The white circle is a toe ring.

Sea Urchin Spine removed

Postop x-ray showing spine has been removed